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Kay's Bitty Cakes

Beer, Bakery, Barbeque

Sunday - Monday11am-3pm
Tuesday - Saturday11am-8pm

3B is a family restaurant with something for everyone! We have a wide range of delicious food from hamburgers and barbeque to fresh salads and more. Our bakery case is always stocked with cheesecake, pies, banana pudding, and all kinds of other homemade desserts prepared by owner Pam Pearce.Looking to celebrate a special occasion? Book us for your next birthday, wedding, or graduation, or make any day memorable with custom sweets!Find us at 106 S State Highway 70, or across the highway from the post office in Blackwell, Texas.

Contact Us

Please note we cannot guarantee availability if a bakery order is placed with less than a week's notice.


(325) 264-3222kaysbitty@gmail.com

Pam Pearce

(325) 725-4568


3B beer bakery bbqfacebook.com/KaysBitty


106 S SH 70, Blackwell, TX 79506

Kay's Bitty Cakes

"May Contain Alcohol"

  • Ask us about gluten-free, allergen-free, and sugar-free options!

  • The listed price includes basic decoration and will vary for more detailed requests.

  • Add $5-10 for alcohol infusion depending on size. Alcohol may be added or removed from most flavors upon request.


Layered Cake (any flavor)
8-inch round cake
2-layer - $30       3-layer - $40
10-inch round cake
2-layer - $40       3-layer - $50
Celebration Cake (any flavor)
1/4 sheet cake
1-layer - $35       2-layer - $55
1/2 sheet cake
1-layer - $55       2-layer - $75
Red Velvet Cake
8-inch round cake
2-layer - $30       3-layer - $40
German Chocolate Cake
8-inch round cake
2-layer - $30       3-layer - $40


Regular Cookies 12 - $10
chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar, and oatmeal raisin
Monster Cookies 6 - $12
XL combo of chocolate chips, peanut butter, oats, and m&m's
Cowboy Cookies 6 - $12
triple chocolate with bourbon, espresso, and almonds; topped with sea salt
Custom Sugar Cookies 12 - $25


6 - $12       12 - $22
With filling or alcohol
6 - $15       2 - $25


Apple Pie
9-inch pie - $15       individual pie - $5
Add alcohol of choice - $3
Pecan Pie
9-inch pie - $20       individual pie - $5
Add bourbon - $3
Premium Fruit
blueberry, blackberry, cherry, etc.
9-inch pie - $20       individual pie - $5
Add alcohol of choice - $3


Brownies 12 - $10
Add nuts, caramel, or cheesecake - $5 each
Citrus Bars
8x8 pan - $10       9x13 pan - $16


Available as cake or cupcakes

"May Contain Alcohol"

Bananas Foster

vanilla cake, spiced rum caramel/banana, spiced rum caramel frosting

Berry Margarita

margarita cake, blueberry or strawberry, lime and tequila frosting

Black Forest Sauvignon

chocolate cake, black cherry, sauvignon frosting

Black Russian

dark chocolate cake, espresso ganache, kahlúa frosting

Cherry Vodka Sour

vanilla cake, black cherry filling, vodka lemon frosting

French Kiss

vanilla cake, raspberry, tequila rose frosting


vanilla cake, lime curd, lime and mint frosting

Peaches and Cream

vanilla cake, peach, peach schnapps frosting

Piña Colada

rum cake, pineapple, coconut rum frosting

Spiked Apple

spice cake, apple, spiced rum frosting

Strawberries and Champagne

champagne cake, strawberry, champagne and strawberry rose frosting

Tequila Sunrise

orange cake, cherry, grenadine and orange frostings

Vanilla Whiskey

vanilla cake, peach, whiskey frosting

White Chocolate Peppermint

peppermint cake, white chocolate ganache, peppermint schnapps frosting

Alcohol Not Included

Blueberry Lavender

vanilla cake, blueberry, blueberry lavender frosting

Caramel Apple

vanilla cake, caramel apple, caramel frosting

Chocolate Churro

chocolate cake, cinnamon marshmallow filling, cinnamon sugar frosting


orange cake, orange curd, vanilla frosting


coconut cake, coconut cream filling, chocolate buttercream frosting

Mango Jalapeño

vanilla cake, mango jalapeño relish, mango frosting

Maple Bacon Pecan

vanilla cake, berry of choice, maple bacon pecan frosting

Mint Chocolate Chip

chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, mint chocolate frosting

Peanut Butter and Chocolate

chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, peanut butter frosting

Salted Caramel

chocolate or vanilla cake, salted caramel, caramel frosting

Spiced Apple

spice cake, apple, spice frosting

Very Berry

vanilla cake, triple berry, triple berry frosting